Letter of commitment to study abroad


I promise to abide by the following:

(1)我所提交的入学申请过程中,填写的所有信息和提供的所有材料均真实无误;如提供虚假信息和材料,一经发现,学校有权拒绝我的申请;如发现提供虚假信息和材料, 学校有权终止我学习,并取消学籍,造成的损失由我本人承担。

All information and materials provided are factually true and correct. I understand that I may be subject to a range of possible disciplinary actions, including rejection of application, admission revocation or expulsion, if the information I've certified is false


I have never coraraitted any crime or had a criminal record to date. During stay in Korea. I have the obligation to understand and shall abide by the laws and decrees of the Korean government, and will not participate in any activities deemed adverse to the social order in Korea and are inappropriate to ray capacity as a student;


During ray study in Korea, I have the obligation to understand and shall observe the rules and regulations of the university, will concentrate on ray studies and researches, and will follow the teaching programs provided by the university.


I promise to abide by Korean laws during my studies and actively participate in the school's organization of learning; to do my homework truthfully, not to be late, not to leave early, not to skip class, not to falsify, not to plagiarize, plagiarize, etc.; if there is a violation of the school rules, I Willing to accept the relevant penalties, and bear the punishment caused by the order to drop out of school, cancel the student status.


I promise that the university and the office of hannam university in China are not responsible for my failure or delay in graduation due to my own reasons.


I have fully understood and understood the rules and regulations of hannam university and the guidelines and norms of office of hannam university in China. During the study period, all the accidental damage caused by my negligence or carelessness shall be borne by myself.


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